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Marketing Strategy, Brand Building, Media Planning, Public Relations, Lead Generation, Campaign Execution

Start-up, small, or mid-size headed upward – wherever your company is on the growth curve, to be successful you need a solid marketing plan to get the word out. 

MarketUP provides all the power of a team of experienced senior marketing leaders with lean, innovative digital media solutions to build brand and market share. 

Ask our clients – we get results.

Get ready to soar!

Give us your goals and problems and we’ll help you solve them. We are creative, not afraid of data or spreadsheets, and we're really persistent.

Award winning

We build ‘stuff’ that looks and sounds good. It wins awards. That helps you build brand and community, memorable web presence, events, and campaigns.

Knowledge base

We know a lot about a few industries: financial services, retirement advice, big-box benefits, and HR talent management issues. DOL rules and guidelines? Got that covered. SEC regs, ERISA. Yep, we know that too. If you need us to pick up a special 'language', we're quick studies.

Ready for fun!

Did we mention how much we enjoy working with our clients and building lasting relationships – even friendships? Our key accounts have been with us for over a decade. We’ll even SnapChat with you if you want.


Passion for creating state-of-the-art digital projects and guiding engaging user experiences

in state-of-the-art digital projects and guiding engaging user experiences


Passion for creating state-of-the-art digital projects and guiding engaging user experiences

in state-of-the-art digital projects and guiding engaging user experiences






These are some of our clients and their success stories. You can see more of our clients here.


A good-size public company outside D.C. Why do they work with us? Well, we started as a marketing consultant and PR representative to an HR testing company named Brainbench back in 2004. They were acquired in 2007 by another talent measurement group named PreVisor. We bid for the PR work against NYC agency Cohn Wolfe – and were the lucky winners. Our relationship with PreVisor continued until their M&A with SHL in 2010. And you know what?? SHL retained us too. Marketing contributions, events – including their annual client conference called LINK. 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014. You’ll never believe what happened next… SHL was acquired by CEB in the summer of 2012. And yep. We still work with them. A true privilege.


Another decade-old relationship started in the Bay Area in 2005. Dr. Charles Handler, a respected and widely quoted I-O psychologist, asked us to help him get his name out there with his Buyers’ Guide to Online Assessment. We’ve been running his website and PR ever since. He just made an appearance on CNBC After the Bell. He’s also a multi-talented artist, car restoration hobbyist and proud New Orleans resident/business owner. Charles is a blast to hang out with.


A pioneering leader in the field of online investment advice for retirement, and 1999 start-up that survived the dot.bomb era, to become one of the top providers in their field. They brought us onboard in 2004 as their marketing and PR arm, because in a former life some of us had worked with them in the late 1990’s and knew the formidable legal lingo. They now serve more than 7 million individuals and manage more than $12 Billion in assets of people’s retirement money. We love them. They’ve been through 3 brand iterations – each one expansive – and are poised to take the retail world by storm.

Chally Group Worldwide

A lovely referral from a former client brought us to the attention of this 40+ year old Dayton, Ohio based sales assessment company. They asked us to develop a PR strategy to complement their marketing and sales goals. We produced white papers, case studies and event support for three years until their achieved goal – acquisition in February 2015. Goal accomplished. And we wish them the best.

We have plenty of other stories. Send a note, give us a call, drop a tweet or comment on Facebook. We are happy to schedule a call or a meeting to discuss where it is you want to go.