MarketUP | About Us
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We’re results-driven business people, just like you.

We’re a team of seasoned marketing professionals who wanted a more productive way to work. So we pulled down the agency/client fence, joined forces, and got busy.


We’re a small company. Nimble – Flexible – Expandable. Our team knows how to do a lot with a little, so we’ll never waste your money, or your time. And if you suddenly need to do big things in a hurry, our network of like-minded colleagues gives us the reach to deliver big-time success.


All this is why we’ve become the off-site marketing team for growing companies like yours: By doing as much, or as little, as they need. When they need it. And showing them results.



We don’t have a mission statement. What we do have are some simple ideas and traits that help guide our actions, personally and professionally. These are our values; they’re probably much like yours:

  • We are honest. No run-around, no surprises.
  • We respect value. We won’t waste your time or your money, and we’ll never sell you anything you don’t need.
  • We are very loyal. We care about your business – almost as much as you do.
  • We develop durable client-vendor relationships. Actually, that’s how we got started.
  • We refuse to deliver less than the best – product, service, or results.
  • We are endlessly curious. We want to know about you and your goals.
  • We never sleep.