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Clients we have had the privilege of working with:

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CEB SHL Talent Measurement – London, UK
With the merger of SHL and PreVisor in Jan 2010, the new SHL became the global leader in talent measurement. MarketUP continues a long relationship with this London-headquartered firm as they grow and transform. We directed the 2011 SHL LINK client conference at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, FL, among other events that year. We also provide content development for industry papers.

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Under the Hood Productions – Anatomy of Hate documentary – Flint, MI

Filmmaker Mike Ramsdell is a social entrepreneur who produces documentaries meant to instigate change. “The Anatomy of Hate” released in 2009 is the first project for MarketUP, and started with a PR push in August to promote a screening at the Carter Center in Atlanta. Coverage included a interview/article, syndicated radio broadcast, and hundreds of inquiries from groups or individuals interested in screening the film. UTHP began a new project in 2010: “The Conflict Minerals Project“, to bring attention to the horrible atrocities being enacted in the Democratic Republic of Congo – all in the name of profit. This is a labor of love for us, and is an ongoing project.

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3D Group – Berkeley, CA

The 3D Group is a team of industrial-organizational psychologists specializing in 360-degree feedback and other employee assessment tools. MarketUP provides PR, market research, and web support to extend their thought-leadership brand and grow their business.


GuidedChoice – La Jolla, CA; Los Gatos, CA; Hartford, CT

GuidedChoice is an independent service firm providing investment advice and managed account services to individual participants in 401(k) and other retirement plans. Their team, which includes Nobel laureate and founder of Modern Portfolio Theory Dr. Harry Markowitz, are pioneers in the field of automated, professional investment advice. They are also old friends; we’ve been involved in their success since their initial launch. We currently provide targeted marketing, brand stewardship, public relations, website design/maintenance, and tradeshow support as well as ongoing strategic consultation.

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Chally Group (acquired Feb 2015 by GrowthPlay)

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Pearson TalentLens – San Antonio, TX

Designed online demos/tours for new TalentLens assessment products, targeted to different industries. New collateral content to launch these products.

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Docufide/Parchment Exchange – Los Angeles, CA
Docufide is the leading provider of Educational Records Management services. Early stage marketing effort – see more.

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Rocket Hire – New Orleans, LA

Rocket-Hire is a consultancy, founded by Dr. Charles A. Handler, dedicated to helping its clients create and deploy effective, legally sound screening and assessment tools. MarketUP is Rocket-Hire’s partner for strategy, PR, product launches and direct marketing services.


Brainbench (acquired by PreVisor) – Chantilly, VA

With more than 5.5 million registered users and more than 600 different assessments, Brainbench is the global leader in measuring the individual skills, abilities and personality traits that drive a company’s bottom-line success. Brainbench chose MarketUP as a partner for consulting and PR. Brainbench was acquired by PreVisor in May 2006. MarketUP was hired by PreVisor in April 2007.

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Scientific Selection – Marietta, GA

Founded by assessment expert Dr. R. Wendell Williams, Scientific Selection works with client organizations and third-party test providers to help them screen, hire, measure, and promote people more effectively. We help them raise their profile through targeted newsletters, public relations, and special projects. A new website was designed in 2008. The Aha! Report has now reached over 60 issues.