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The Team

Our team first came together in 1997, as client and agency staff on a complex B-to-B financial product launch. Several companies and years later, we’re still working together. This kind of thing has happened with many of our colleagues and clients; we aim to keep it happening. The core team handles strategy, content, design, and tactical execution for most projects. For specialized services and additional heavy lifting, we tap into our extended network of partners and resources. Today’s demanding world of higher productivity fits our model perfectly.

Donna Lehman: President

Donna founded the company in 2003 because she got fed up working in large, overly structured corporate environments. She doesn’t mind working WITH them, just not as part of one. A California native, she now resides in Washington, D.C. with her family, an elderly Yorkie and rambunctious Chinese Shar Pei. This is important, because she does most of her work from an office where you might hear either or both canines sounding alerts when Fedex arrives…or the wind blows. (No. She’s not a nutty dog lady. Just practical.) Donna likes adventures and gets to other parts of the world as often as possible. See her reviews on TripAdvisor.

Phil Andrews: Senior Consultant

When not working on MarketUP projects, Phil most enjoys scaling peaks around the world. He’s been up (and down) many mountains, including some of the tallest in North and South America. He’s also a damn fine writer, thinker, and teammate. He and his award-winning videographer wife, Lindy, live north of the Bay Area in California with their adorable Labradoodle, Peso.

Kari Ann Popovic: Web developer, MarketUP Webmaster

Our webmaster extraordinaire wears many different hats. In addition to coding in multiple languages from old-school to new, she raises two boys in her northern California home, and creates incredibly beautiful beadwork. She even takes her boys on long hikes in places like Lassen National Park, in spite of one of them tooling around in a wheelchair. Kari is formidable. Oh yeah, and she should have her own stand-up comedy show.

Mark Healy: Writer, HR Content Expert

Mark is a professor of industrial-organizational psychology at De Anza College in the beautiful Bay Area of California. He is also a practicing HR and talent measurement consultant with specialties in: Staffing, hiring and personnel selection, 360-degree feedback, statistical analysis, people strategy, online assessment, leadership development, and validity studies. We are fortunate to have Mark as a contributing expert for white papers, reports, market research, and other complex projects. He’s also a loyal friend and sometime musician in an eclectic surf punk rock band.

Lindy Fleming

Besides having life adventures with Phil, Lindy sometimes contributes her considerable story-writing, interviewing, producing, and editing skills to video projects for MarketUP clients. She spends a great deal more of her time on her own thriving video production company.

Avalon Warner-Gonzales: Marketing Coordinator

The latest addition to the team is our fresh-faced marketing intern, who also hails from California – Los Angeles. Avalon is a double-major in English and Spanish, with a minor in Women’s Studies, at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She’s a proud member of the LGBTQ community and serves as Secretary of the UNC SAGA chapter. While learning the tools of the trade, she is already an accomplished social networker and communicator. She’s even starting to love spreadsheets. (Just kidding. She hates them. But uses them anyway.)

Partners we love working with, and consider part of the MarketUP family:

Michele Obama Aaron Brodie


Husband and wife team Aaron Brody and Jeanette Cilliers run a successful graphics and video production company outside of Dallas, Texas. Aaron is a former CNN reporter who still does assignments for them, including an interview with First Lady Michelle Obama He has an eye for a story and the video skills to tell it. Jeanette is a multi-talented graphic designer and video editor, with a story-telling sensibility. They are a very dynamic duo!

Andrew Barton Design

Andrew is a graphic designer with nearly 10 years of experience. He loves working closely with clients to deliver outstanding visual communications in print, digital media or motion graphics. He lives in stunning Charleston, SC with his beautiful wife and daughter.